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Nola Fit Club doesn't believe in tired tropes of heath and fitness. Too many training programs over promise and under perform.  What you need is not a traditional gym plan or cookie cutter regime you found on the internet.  What you need is a group of like minded individuals all working towards being the best people they can be.  Our health and fitness fundamentals start with rules:

​1. Be outside as much as possible!

2. Eat as well as you can whenever you can.

3. Exercise often in the best way your body will let you.

4. Make friends not acquaintances. ​

Guaranteed if you do these things, you will feel healthier, more energetic and have much less stress in your life.

Call for more information at 504-458-4530

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The basis of Nola Fit Club is our group structure.  This isn't a fitness class or a weekend club for hobbyists, this is a group of like minded individuals there to support you  in your journey to becoming the best you possible and helping you follow the fundamentals listed above.  For ways we can help you, here are your options:

1. Join the group for either less than a dollar a day (when you sign up for 6 months) or just 50 dollars when you sign up month to month.  This includes two or more weekly meet ups for exercising and access to our support group social media.  Refer a friend who signs up for 6 months and earn one free month (30 dollars subtracted from your next 6 month cycle up to 180 dollars for 6 new members your referred)!

2. Get one on one goal setting sessions or personal training sessions (Prices will vary.  Contact for more information). ​

3. Start your health journey by supplementing your diet with our Herbalife nutritional products (Product prices will vary).

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